Did you know dogs had a different eyesight than ours ? That’s why they often aren’t interested in what you want to show them on television.
First off, your dog doesn’t see as much colors as you do: his brain can easily analyze blues but reds, greens and yellows all look somewhat similar.
Here’s a picture so you can compare your vision to his:


We have three types of cones at the back of our eyes, which give us the ability to see all these colors, whereas dogs have two types of cones.
So obviously, TVs, with their artificial lights and infinite color settings can be quite disturbing for your dog.

By the way, did you know we are not able to see all of the colors out there ? The mantis shrimp for example has 16 types of colour receptive cones ! Anyways, that’s another subject.

The second reason why your dog may not be interested in TV is that most images on a television screen are refreshed 60 times per second, which doesn’t bother our human eyes. However, dogs detect the frame rate and get very frustrating flickers of light every second.
This will be less and less a problem in the future as we now have high speed cameras and 120Hz TVs.


You like it dontcha ?


Now, this movie has been made specifically to calm and relax your dog if he is scared by fireworks or loud noises. But it may also work to keep him busy a while if he is anxious when you leave the house, for example.
Here it is:

The movie was shot in your dog’s color vision and features slow-moving scenery filled with a cast of sedentary dogs (did you spot the catahoula ?).
David Tennant, who you might know from Doctor Who or Jessica Jones tv shows, speaks over the video with words and cadences that are designed to keep dogs relaxed.